Build your ritual

First thing in the morning

Our mind is a non-stop thinking machine. The only time when it feels refreshed is morning. Writing in the morning lets you set the tone for the entire day and fills you with good thoughts.

Write with no rules

Morning Pages is about allowing your stream of consciousness to appear on the page. Don't worry about grammar or misspellings; concentrate your mind on the present moment and let those words flow.

A regular habit

A regular writing habit will help you clear your mind, reduce anxiety, and generate new ideas. By releasing your anger, worries, and sorrows you unlock your creative self and get rid of negative thinking.

For your eyes only

Writing Morning Pages is like having a deep conversation with yourself. It's about acknowledging and accepting your thoughts and feelings and learning to trust yourself. This leads to positive thinking and improves your well-being.

Get the most out of your journaling

Set Flexible Writing Goals

It's advisable to write up to 500 words or more in the app. You can come back and edit your pages anytime.

Sync Across Devices

Cloud backup lets you access your writing across devices, so you can be sure you won't lose your pages.

Draw Insights From Your Writing

The app tracks your mood, emotions and the topics you write about, helping you become more self-aware.

Reveal insights

Insights show what mood you are in and what emotions you are feeling now. See how your mood changes over time, and what emotions have been dominant over the past weeks or months.

Emotions & Topics

Topics give a short summary of your writing, and emotion circles help you understand its emotional coloring.


Your writing contains positive, negative, and neutral words. This chart will show your daily, weekly, and monthly mood states based on the language you use.

Various text styles and dark mode

Morning Pages is not only for morning people. If your thoughts flow better at night, we've got you covered!

Password protect your pages

Select Private Mode in Settings to lock and password protect your pages so only you can access them.

Develop a regular writing habit

You can set up reminders to get in the habit of writing regularly. Start off by committing to 10 days of Pages!