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Morning Pages is an app for expressive writing and texts analysis.

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Get the most of your journaling

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Write 500 words a day

It's advisable to write up to 500 words or more in the app. You can come back and edit your pages anytime.

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Draw insights from your writing

The app tracks your mood, emotions and topics you write about, helping you become more self-aware.

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Never lose what you wrote

iCloud backup lets you access your writing across devices, so you can be sure you won't lose your pages.

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Password protect your pages

Use Private Mode in the app Settings to lock and password protect your pages so only you can access them.

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Develop a regular a writing habit

You can set up reminders to get in the habit of regular writing. Start off by committing to 10 days of Morning Pages!

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Follow your morning writing ritual

A word from people, who accepted the writing challenge

Beautiful part of a gruelling commute

by ErinM1208

I’ve only been using Morning Pages for a few days but I read The Artist’s Way about five years ago. I probably have about 5, half-filled notebooks I used as morning pages in the past few years, but I love having access to these on my phone. Also I adore the beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes. And the analytics are really interesting. No overwhelming ads which is also a breath of fresh air.

My favorite app!

by writingjunkie87

I love this app! It's beautiful and simple. I really like the emotion analysis feature and how I can track my mood changes with time. I thoroughly enjoy writing Morning Pages! It is my favorite app so far.

Brain drain. Simple effective app

by mazdut

Love this. Simple and effective. A great brain drain.

Great app!

by Kirk Lantz

I have been using this app for about a week now and really enjoy it. I am finding myself opening the app first thing in the morning and letting my thoughts just flow for awhile!

Perfect - just what I've been waiting for

by Mmigee

There used to be or still is a web based version of morning pages called 750 words but I've been waiting a long time for an app based option. Actually love that it's 500 words with optional to infinity. Also lets you set reminders. Text is fairly large easy to read. Other good features but overall perfect for my needs gets the job done to drain my brain.

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What you do today, can improve all your tomorrows.

Start writing Morning Pages.

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