Understand the moods and emotions in your Morning Pages with Artificial Intelligence

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Have you ever had a heart-to-heart discussion with a close friend or family member, and found that they were able to understand how you were feeling better than you did yourself? This is one of the reasons we develop close relationships; we need someone else to show us what we're really thinking, otherwise we can become so caught up in our own emotions that we can't see the wood for the trees.

Your daily Morning Pages contain some of your most private thoughts and feelings. They are for your eyes only, and they always will be. But imagine if somehow you could understand what you're really talking about in the same way that your friends can see behind the words you speak to them?

Well, now you can!

We've incorporated sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology into our app to do just that: analyse the predominant moods, emotions and topics that feature in your writing to give you an insight into your own mind. Our Statistics feature is designed to help you understand yourself better.

How the Statistics feature works

After you’re written 500 words or more, head over to the Statistics page in the app to get an overview of the predominant emotion, topics and mood that has been displayed in your writing

Joy. Anger. Empathy. Fear. Disgust. You will see one of these five emotions on the screen, based on which emotion is most predominantly featured.

Other than emotions, the app will also tell you what mood you’re in. For example, if your writing has a lot of positive statements in it, you’ll see a note saying that "your text is mostly positive today" with a percentage of words that are positive.

The app will track your mood and emotions for every page you write, day by day. This means you can see your weekly and monthly stats and analyse how your feelings change over time, and what causes them to change.

Why track emotions?

Psychologists and therapists suggest that actively keeping track of the emotions you experience can help you effectively work on your mental health. It's as if your emotions are your very own GPS to tell you where you are and get you where you want to go.

A daily writing habit brings about powerful positive changes because it helps you better understand yourself. And - when combined with the insights provided by artificial intelligence technology - it makes you even more self-aware.

Emotions and sentiment analysis of your writing helps you achieve the following benefits:

  • Know exactly what makes you happy and sad.
  • Become more mindful.
  • Find connections between thoughts and feelings.
  • Have a sense of control over your mental health and wellbeing.
  • Look at the situations that cause negative influences from another angle.
  • Live in the present.
  • Stay motivated to continue writing when you notice positive changes.

Once you start recognising your emotions, you become more aware of what causes them, and you can work on that to become a happier and healthier person!

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